Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lowered expectations

Following Boston College's loss to Maryland on Saturday, a game in which the Eagles were favored by both the Vegas bookies and me, I have decided to re-evaluate my expectations of BC's remaining games.  Much like the political pundits do when evaluating key elections at this time of year, I will starting shifting around Eagles football games into different columns.

Clemson, 10/30
Tossup → Leans Clemson

Clemson has had BC's number in the last two seasons, and BC is flopping and flailing their way through 2010.  Expect a smaller crowd than last week, and Clemson to be favored.

Wake Forest, 11/6
Tossup → Leans Wake

I don't care what Wake's record is: I don't particularly trust BC at home, and I certainly don't trust them on the road. 

Duke, 11/13
Likely BC → Leans BC

This is still the only game I think BC has a better than average shot of snatching, keeping them from an 0-fer in the ACC this season.  Despite the fact that Duke is absolutely terrible, we're not much better.  This game is now at best slightly leaning in BC's direction.

Virginia, 11/20
Leans BC → Tossup

I'm not sure Virginia is quite up to Maryland's level, but this game sure looks like it could be Maryland Part Deux to me.  I don't think BC will have a clear advantage in this game, given what I've seen this year to this point.

Syracuse, 11/27
Tossup → Leans Syracuse

I didn't really like this game last week, and now I certainly don't like it.  The Orange aren't anything outrageous, but they did just beat a ranked team, and going on the road to play these guys in the last game of the season feels a little ominous to me.

BC would have to go 4-1 just to become bowl eligible, so abandon all hope of a postseason ye who enter here. What looked like an easy schedule (and still would be if this team was any good) doesn't quite look easy anymore.

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