Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another good cause: Relay for Life

I have been informed by BCDraft co-author and Soaring to Glory guest contributor BCMike that there is a charitable event coming up worth the attention of the Boston College community. 

The Boston College Alumni Association chapter in Atlanta is having its annual Relay for Life charity drive and would like your support.  Relay for Life, for those unaware, is an event organized by the American Cancer Society each year for the purposes of raising funds and awareness.  There are local relays held around the nation and world, and there will be one in Atlanta where BCMike is doing his part.  Here is some of BCMike's request to you folk out there in internet land:

"First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who donated last year. Your donations made such a big difference! In fact, the BC chapter here in Atlanta did so well we were even honored with a plaque touting the accomplishment from 2009!

It's nice to get this sort of positive pub here in the South! People at the event definitely took notice!

We're a little short staffed this year but we still hope to make our goal of $1,500 raised. We're over halfway there, but the Relay actually is THIS FRIDAY/SATURDAY, so we're short on time!

If you can donate anything, please do. I know many of you have given to other charities and we all get hit up a lot for these types of things. However, if you have ever been effected by this evil disease and can spare a couple bucks to fight it, I sincerely thank you. Together we make a difference."

Click right here to donate to this worthy cause.  If you can give, I welcome it: it looks great for the Boston College community, and your contribution may help save lives someday.

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