Thursday, May 6, 2010

The FSU series: BC's last stand?

The academic year at Boston College is winding down, and so too is college baseball's regular season.  This weekend, the 26-20 Eagles will host a series against #5 Florida State, who sit in first place in the ACC Atlantic division.

The goal here is not to win the division, as there is absolutely no realistic chance at that happening, now or in the near future.  What BC needs is not to get swept.

At 12-12 in the conference right now, they're still in the ACC Tournament field, but their margin for error is smaller than it was prior to getting their asses kicked by Virginia Tech.  It is still likely that they will qualify for the eight-team field unless they lose 5 of 6 or all 6 of their remaining ACC games (which, actually, is possible).  That isn't the tournament we're worrying about: it's the NCAA Tournament.

By getting swept at Virginia Tech last weekend, BC came very close to completely wiping out their chances of getting there for the second straight year.  If they are to have any chance, they will have to build their resume through beating some of these exceptional teams they have left to play, and claiming some wins in the ACC Tournament.  Taking even one game against a team like Florida State would be helpful -- it might not be enough, but it would at least count for something.  Should the Eagles get swept, forget it.  26-23 (12-15) with a few tough games to go won't cut it. 

This is BC's last stand right here, and they've put themselves in a position where they'll have to put up or shut up.  Remember, however, that Florida State is #5 in the country.  They are a legitimate contender to win all the marbles this year.  BC will have to struggle mightily just to salvage one of the three games.

The series will be played Friday through Saturday, with the first game tomorrow afternoon at 1:30pm. 

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