Friday, May 7, 2010

BC gets a big win over FSU

It did not take Boston College long to achieve their primary objective for the weekend, as they beat #5 Florida State 10-7 on Friday afternoon.  That goal, of course, was to avoid getting swept.  Mike Dennhardt gutted his way through to a win and Robbie Anston hit two home runs for the Eagles.  BC is now 27-20 (13-12) and are successfully keeping themselves within sight of the NCAA Tournament bubble.

Having viewed some of the Florida State blogs and message boards these last few days, I can tell you that despite believing that the team is good, many Seminoles fans believe their team is still vastly overrated.  Overrated or not, they're ranked #5 in the country, so this is a very important win for BC -- probably their best-quality win of the season so far aside from taking out #13 Miami earlier in the year.

The dynamics of this series totally changed with today's victory.  We've gone from saying "oh crap, I hope they don't get swept" to "hey, they might just win the series."  Pat Dean, BC's ace, goes on Saturday to do just that.  A series win would be very important in terms of tournament positioning, and could wash away some of the sting of getting smacked around by Virginia Tech.

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