Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Week 9 in the ACC

Last week was disastrous for me in the picks department as I went 2-3 (43-19 overall). That'll teach me to pick our team.

Florida State at North Carolina State
Line: FSU -4

Florida State stands out as the best team in the ACC Atlantic, while NC State of all teams have been rolling along nicely this season. This game could go a long way into determining the division champion, and though this game is at home for the Pack, I will go for the ranked visiting team. Pick: Florida State

Miami at Virginia
Line: Miami -14.5

Virginia finally beat an FBS team last weekend -- Eastern Michigan. I know, I'm impressed too. Miami is juuuust a slight step up from the EMU Eagles. Pick: Miami

Wake Forest at Maryland
Line: Maryland -5

Maryland seems to be figuring things out this season, sitting at 5-2. Wake Forest's defense, meanwhile, couldn't stop a retirement home's football team. Pick: Maryland

William and Mary at North Carolina
No line

William and Mary are pretty good for an FCS team. I still don't think that will make a difference. Pick: North Carolina

Duke at Navy
Line: Navy -13.5

1-6 Duke is simply terrible. 5-2 Navy, though not amazing, is far better. The Middies will go 4-0 at home. Pick: Navy

Clemson at Boston College
Line: Clemson -7

Last week purged any lingering hope that BC could recover in the second half of the season, at least from where I sit. Clemson have underachieved, but nowhere near as badly as the Eagles have. Expect Rettig to continue to grow, the rest of the offense to struggle under the sleepy leadership of Gary Tranquill, and the defense to have its moments to shine. Whatever positives, however, will be wiped out and then some by the negatives, as we've seen week after week. Pick: Clemson

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