Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ICE JAM tonight!

Let's take a brief respite from ragging on our miserable football team for a moment to discuss the first ever ICE JAM at Boston College.  As you probably already know, the event is at 8pm tonight in the Conte Forum, which will be split into half-ice and half-hardwood.  Emceed by Bob Costas, the two basketball teams and two hockey teams will take part. Finally, of course, what else can be said about the musical guest, Vanilla Ice. Jerry York, Bob Costas, and Vanilla Ice -- now there's some real star power.

I've already checked; there won't be any live stream on BCEagles.com through their video page, so the only way to experience this great event will be to actually head out to BC.  These winter sports may be helping to wash the taste of a bad football season out of your collective mouths, so if you're available, be sure to show your support.  We're probably never getting a Midnight Madness, but this is the next best thing.

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