Monday, October 25, 2010

The polls are open: What will BC's record be?

Given what we know now about this team's miserable performance so far this season, I've decided to ask all of you to vote on what you think BC's final record will be.

To assist you in voting, consider the following:

*To go 7-5, BC would need to win out. Do any of you see that happening?

*For 6-6 and bowl eligibility, BC needs to go 4-1. Again, not all that likely.

*For 5-7, BC needs to go 3-2. That's less difficult to do and there's I suppose an outside shot, but given how BC has played, that would require a big turnaround.

*4-8 would require a 2-3 finish. That's probably more like it.

*3-9 needs a 1-4 finish. That's a lot more like it.

*You know what 2-10 means. It's more unlikely than the two previous, but only by a hair. You'd think BC will get lucky and win a game, but who the hell knows at this point.

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