Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday was a fun day, huh?

Let's recap:

At right around high noon, Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports reported that junior basketball player Rakim Sanders is transferring.

About an hour and a half later, Goodman also reported that new BC assistant basketball coach John Gallagher, who had basically been in that post for about 3 minutes, left to take Hartford's head coaching job.  What's weird is that the coach he is replacing at Hartford is taking an assistant coaching position at Penn -- the position Gallagher vacated.  They essentially traded jobs with Gallagher making an extremely brief pit stop at BC.

A little after dinner time, Mark Blaudschun reported that Brady Heslip was also leaving Boston College.  The exact text of his article said this: "Donahue also granted the release of Heslip, who spent the fall at New Hampton and enrolled after Christmas, but did not play this season. Heslip is visiting Boise State this weekend."  This wording would lead people to believe that Heslip asked for a release and Donahue gave it to him, and also that he is going to Boise State for a basketball visit.

Now hold on there, people.  You saw what happened here at night, when we were informed that Heslip did not leave willingly and that Boise State isn't an official visit. I know you guys want answers, since now many of you are curious as to the truth.  Well, until we get BC's side of the story (and we may never get it), I can't give you a complete analysis. All that really matters at this point is that we have three men leaving the basketball program, and we should wish all of them well. 

Whatever the reasons for the players' departures are, the fact of the matter is that now BC has positions to fill.  I am very interested to see how they proceed or if we will have more days like Thursday in the near future.

An absolutely bizarre day of Boston College sports.  I need a drink.

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