Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heslip bolts; who ELSE wants to go to a mid-major?

Update: Well, apparently, we know more of the story now.  While the news could have been delivered in a more tactful manner, you've seen it right here: Heslip was **apparently** pushed out by Donahue.  More to follow later. 

With that also being said, I'll edit the article below.  I assumed, like most people, that Brady Heslip was leaving BC because he wanted to.  This is **apparently** not the case.  I wish him well. 

Let us wait until we've heard BC's side of the story before we make any conclusions.

Boston College basketball has seen its third defection in one day.  First, Rakim Sanders peaced out.  Then, assistant coach John Gallagher bolted for Hartford.  Now, incoming freshman Brady Heslip has left the team.


  1. Would not be surprised at all. At this rate, there might only be 7 or 8 guys on the whole damn team next year.

  2. Hey genius ,,,, he loved Boston College, they just hired idiots who don't want him. He's at Boise State for a free trip to visit friends ..... he'll start anywhere in America..... BC is a lying twofaced know shit. Donahue.....he'll get nobody cause what he is

  3. Hey Mr. Heslip, we're sorry Donahue didn't want Brady but to call BC "a lying twofaced institution" is ridiculous. BC had no expectation that a new coaching regime was going to come in when Brady committed and enrolled. All of a sudden Donahue is an idiot cause he didn't like your son? I'll go with his track record and taking a perennial loser in the Ivy into an Ivy power. Its unfortunate what happened but that's college basketball for you.

    P.S. He wouldn't start anywhere in America. Even with Skinner here, he wasn't starting next year

  4. "He loved Boston College"

    Just like all of us here love Boston College, so we're emotionally invested in these transactions. Certainly there is a lack of transparency which requires some speculation on our part, but we'd love to hear some specifics or details if you think it would change our opinions.

    Let's start with
    - Is it true the coaches don't want him? (you imply yes)
    - Then the big one: Why?

  5. I support Brady's dad. Im a BC guy...and this was horseshit.

    I think the kid is going to be good too.

    We will regret this one, fellas.