Friday, April 16, 2010

BC baseball stat update: A little better

Through 19 games, the BC Eagles baseball team was at its lowest point, sporting a 7-12 record, having just been swept at #1 Virginia.  Fifteen games later, BC is at an even 17-17 and have statistically improved in most areas.  Three of them I'll show graphically:

Other stats I did not graph include the overall staff ERA (6.43) and bullpen ERA (6.16).

Still, this team hasn't totally turned things around.  In the last three games, the bullpen has pitched 16 innings and given up 17 earned runs.  They will have to get much better than they currently are for BC to hold on to games where they didn't build up big leads.  BC won two of those three on the backs of their offense.

While BC's 10-5 mark in the last 15 games and improved performance are encouraging, there is much work left to be done if they are to truly save the season.  BC has two games remaining against Wake Forest, a 2-14 ACC team, and it is a series they would very much like to sweep to get them to 9-9 in conference.  We'll go from there.

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