Monday, April 19, 2010

Marathon Monday memories

Oh, how I wish I was in Boston today for Marathon Monday, better known as Patriots' Day, better known as 98% of the School Is Drunk by 10am Day.  Since there's clearly no BC sports going on (unless yet another basketball shoe drops), we're going to do it up nice and light here today on Soaring to Glory.

There are some of you who I'm sure would like to remember things about that day, but for reasons that are obvious, your memories are a little hazy.  My memory in general is pretty good regardless of my state of mind, so I will say that my favorite Marathon Monday in Boston was actually my last in 2008.  I lived in Rubenstein Hall (Room D16, not that any of you people came to visit...but damn, I have some stories to tell about that place) and we had good access to Comm Ave to watch the race.  It was a very sunny day as we watched the lead runners come down Heartbreak Hill and head past College Sub into Boston, at which point we lost interest.  I'll spare you the remainder of the details but it was a very good day for me and my buddies.  Since my Monday schedule was light anyway, I only had one class wiped out: Soundcasting Media with Michael Keith, one of my favorite professors at BC.

I'm feeling nostalgic, so I wanted to watch a little bit of the race this morning from my current location in New York.  Apparently, WBZ only allows New England viewers to watch online.  Not even Channelsurfing can help me out on this one.  What a load of crap.

In any case, enjoy the day, kids.  To those celebrating their last Marathon Monday on the Heights, embrace every minute of it.  A year or two from now, you're going to be like me: 24 years old, trying to get by as an adult, and sighing as you look back fondly on your college days.  As George Costanza told Elaine's balding boyfriend, "Live, dammit!  Live!"

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