Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boston College in the 2010 NFL Draft, Part I

Starting on Thursday night in primetime (I know, it's ridiculous), the National Football League will begin plucking players from the college ranks and seeing what they can do as professionals. Boston College, despite what ESPN tells you, has four players in this draft: Rich Gunnell, Matt Tennant, Mike McLaughlin, and Marcellus Bowman.

Tomorrow, Part II of our BC-in-the-draft analysis will feature Wesley and BCMike of BCDraft.

Since the purpose of this article is to gauge the chances that our guys have of getting drafted, I figured that the best place to look would be the mock drafts. There is no way I am paying to join ESPN Insider to read their mock draft -- sorry Mel Kiper; I'd rather keep the $6.95 in my pocket. I have, however, taken a look at some other free ones from the interwebs. Unfortunately, many do not do a full seven-round draft, so we'll have to work with what we've got and fill in the rest on our own.

Matt Tennant (C)
The Football Expert: Round 4, Pick 13 (Tennessee)

WalterFootball: Round 3, Pick 32 (Atlanta)

DraftSite: Round 3, Pick 13 (Tennessee)

NFL Network: Round 3, Pick 19 (Atlanta)

Mike McLaughlin (LB)
The Football Expert: Round 7, Pick 45 (Miami)

DraftSite: Round 6, Pick 26 (Arizona)

Neither Rich Gunnell (WR) or Marcellus Bowman (S) made the mock draft cuts.

From what I can gather, Matt Tennant is the only sure thing we have and will either be drafted on Friday or Saturday, while Mike McLaughlin will be waiting it out on Saturday.  Gunnell and Bowman appear unlikely to be drafted but it is always possible that they will get offers as undrafted free agents.

Tomorrow, Wesley and BCMike will stop by to give you their take, so come on back to Soaring to Glory.

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