Thursday, April 22, 2010

BC's draft with BCDraft

Part II of our look at Boston College's participation in the 2010 NFL Draft features some special guest stars.  Who else knows more about BC and drafts than the good folks at BCDraft, Wesley and BCMike?  No one, I say.  I asked these two gentlemen to rank the draft prospects for our school from 1 to 4, and their findings are below.  Without further ado, I give you the guys from BCDraft. [applause]

Thanks for having us on, Joe! While we could draft the BC guys leaving us this year from A-Z and even include some free agents, we’re going to keep this short and sweet and just talk about what we feel are the only truly likely candidates to wind up on an NFL roster (starting, practice, or otherwise) from this draft class.

1M) Matt “I’m the LANDLORD not the” Tennant

As far as most of the draft experts are concerned, there’s only really one sure-fire draft pick from the 2010 draft class out of Boston College: Matt Tennant. While we as BC fans often feel jaded that our guys aren’t given a fair shake and we like to believe that our guys are constantly “underrated” on the national scene; the fact is that the reputation Boston College has built up as “O-Line U” has greatly benefited our recent graduates at that position. Universally they’re tagged with such adjectives as “tough”, “smart”, and “versatile”. Tennant is no exception.

I think he’ll fit in well wherever he goes, but I think he winds up in Atlanta with their third round pick, #83 overall. I like Tennant to go here for multiple reasons: 1) Demitrof (the Atlanta GM) is from the Belichick mold who values player’s intelligence and 2) team guys, 3) the BC style of play has worked out well for the Pats and the Falcons (which Demitrof is trying to replicate) and there’s another BC guy in New England under center now (Dan Koppen) who’s worked out well, and frankly the 4) Matt Ryan factor. There’s a lot to be said for bringing in a guy that your current QB has a couple thousand snaps with.

2W) Mike “Big Mac” McLaughlin

Probably taken for long snapping ability, but feel that this would be a great diamond in the rough for any team that drafts him.

The only thing I really feel he needs to improve on is speed to play at the next level. Unfortunately, I don’t see Mac taken as a linebacker, as there are just too many of them in the draft, and to an outsider Mac may not stick out.

Don't let me discount him at all though. Mac didn’t get back to back team captain for nothin’. He plays hard, and hits even harder, and that is getting him noticed now.

But his added ability at long snapper will be bringing him up the draft to at my best guess around 5th round. And, once drafted then he will have the ability to showcase his LB play.

3M) Marcellus “Boomkat” Bowman

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m honestly surprised he’s not getting a lot of draft buzz considering the year he had. I believe we wrote a piece earlier last season talking about the guys who might go pro given a good senior campaign, and Boomkat was right near the top of that list. I feel he had a strong year and displayed great leadership.

His hit on Jacoby Ford sent the WR back five yards (seriously, watch the tape). His hit on the talented Kent State RB Eugene Jarvis injured an organ (not that we hope for that sort of damage in any way, just sayin’…). The goal line stop vs. Notre Dame’s back who he clearly knocked temporarily unconscious was a thing of beauty.

No, he doesn’t have all-world speed. But what he does have is a nose for the ball, and an innate ability to be a big playmaker. There was a first round selection from Boston College who used to always say one thing needed to be done: make plays. Make plays. MAKE PLAYS. Mathias Kiwanuka was right. That’s what needs to be done…and that’s what Boomkat does.

I think he gets scooped up by Bill Polian and the Indianapolis Colts in the 7th round, 31st pick (238 overall).

4W) Rich “Richie Guns” Gunnell

Rich Gunnell was one of the best WR’s to go through Boston College and not only just by viewing the numbers alone.

Gunnell had the opportunity to play with Matt Ryan, Chris Crane, Dominique Davis and Dave Shinskie. And he was successful with all of them.

One of the biggest pluses of Gunnell is his additional possibilities as a Kick Returner. Gunnell was very successful at Boston College as a kick returner. And When drafted in the later rounds, the added responsibilities can help raise his stock some as he can be viewed in multiple areas.

Many thanks to BCDraft for participating in this post. You can visit them at the links in the top of the article or on the left sidebar, and you can follow them on Twitter @BCDraft. You can also follow BCMike himself @BCMike22.