Friday, March 26, 2010

Al to St. John's?

If you read this blog, you know that I think the men's basketball program needs some new blood.  Well, we might get it, as Al Skinner is interviewing for the St. John's job.

Possible reasons why it might happen:
-Skinner is a Tri-State Area guy
-St. John's may give him a lucrative deal (not that I think Al is only after the money, but it remains to be seen what they'll throw at him)
-After a dozen or so years at BC, he might be interested in a new challenge

Possible reasons why it might not happen:
-His children are supposedly interested in going to BC
-He might just be comfortable in Boston
-He might feel St. John's is not the right fit for him
-He doesn't want to make Eastern Clothing of Watertown look for a new spokesman

This is all speculation at this point.  Do I think Al is going to leave?  Probably not, no.  Do I think it is a possibility?  Yes, I most certainly do.  I said one day on campus that I didn't think TOB was going to leave BC, and then a day later, he did.  I don't personally believe it's likely, but to say there's no chance of it happening is unwise.

The obvious follow-up would be: If Al goes, who will be the new coach?  I will answer that question with a new post if and only if Mr. Skinner leaves Boston College.

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