Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stat attack: Boston College vs. Alaska-Fairbanks

Tomorrow night on BC Interruption, you will see my full preview article for this game.  For now, for lack of anything else to discuss at the moment, I'm going to hit you with some stats accompanied by -- what else -- charts and graphs.  Enjoy.

Boston College (#2) overall record: 25-10-3
Alaska-Fairbanks (#13) overall record: 18-11-9

Points leaders
Boston College: Cam Atkinson (soph.), 46
Alaska-Fairbanks: Dion Knelsen (senior), 42

Goals scored per game vs. goals allowed per game
Boston College average per game: +1.37 goals
Alaska-Fairbanks average per game: +0.45 goals

Total goals scored and goal differential

Power play and penalty kill

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