Friday, January 15, 2010

MBB Game 18: Maryland at Boston College

Yada yada yada BC doesn't play hard blah blah blah Maryland isn't that great, either.

Is that an adequate summary of the game?  Probably, but I will add a little more.  BC is 10-7 (1-2), the worst record in the ACC, and their season is circling the drain.  A win would be a nice confidence boost against a team that was ranked but now has their own issues.  Getting wins in games like these could mean the difference between having a meh record and being in the basement.

I want to see BC's "effort" in person.  I obviously put that word in quotation marks because I'm not sure it actually exists, at least not for a full 40 minutes.

On that note, I will be making an appearance at the Conte Forum tomorrow afternoon, wearing the Superfan shirt with the name of this blog on its back.  I will be seated in Section G, so if you see me, say hello, tell me my blog is great/sucks ass, whatever.


  1. i won't be at the game but i'll be watching from home and your blog IS great!

  2. Thank you, I just hope that's what people are shouting at me at 4pm today!

    For the sake of my sanity, let's go Eagles.