Saturday, January 16, 2010

I should have gone to a hockey game

After being present for the Eagles' latest loss at Conte Forum, I am not convinced that this team has hit rock-bottom.  In fact, I'm sure they haven't: usually, when you hit rock-bottom, things start to turn around.  I think we are in for a lot more of what we saw today for the rest of this season.

For one thing, I was disgusted at how many Terps fans there were.  They were louder than the Eagles fans.  Second, BC was never in this game.

I had a great time exploring Boston before and after the game, but BC basketball is a complete embarrassment.  I am truly starting to doubt in Coach Skinner and his players.  This season is pretty much over, as I really don't see how this massively-underachieving team can turn it around in any significant way.  I continue to be extremely dismayed at the turn this program has taken this year.

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