Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here are the harsh statements

Tonight, BC basketball did something far worse than bending over and kissing their own asses goodbye at Dook: they suckered me in to thinking that they had a chance, and then they bent over.  This was another pathetic display by our beloved Eagles.  I think most of us were under the impression that they would embarrass themselves, but after being down by only one score at the half, I had hope that they wouldn't.

Then, of course, they proceeded to get outscored by a 17-point margin in the second half, letting the game slip away within the first few minutes after the break.  (Their second-half swoons are their calling card this season.)  Joe Trapani and Rakim Sanders made three shots combined between the two of them, and the Eagles as a team scored only 24 points in the 2nd.  They let Duke make only one three-pointer in the whole game, but they also let them take 60 shots.

BC put forth another miserable effort, in a season where miserable efforts are the rule and not the exception.  Rakim Sanders will continue to be a topic of discussion along those lines, as his own personal effort is not going to cut it.  The sky is, or was, the limit with him, but he does not play like it.  He's not the only problem, however: the Eagles lack leadership and they're a poor-shooting team, along with the other issues I've just mentioned.

This season has been troubling so far.  I expected this to be a breakout year for the Eagles, where they would put it all together and build upon their tournament appearance last season.  Instead, they seem to have regressed, and have mailed it in during half the games they've played this year.  It is not unreasonable to say that unless, by virtue of a miracle, this team gets scorching hot and wins the ACC Tournament, the program took one big step backwards this season.  I don't think it's too early to say that, either.

The dorks in Durham got this one tonight.  I could deal with that if BC played well.  They didn't, so I can't.

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