Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BC basketball wakes up

Tonight, BC found a mid-major they could beat, shaming the lowly NJIT Highlanders by a final score 89-32.  The Highlanders still have not beaten a major-conference team and BC has finally gotten themselves to 10 wins.

In 22 minutes and 22 seconds tonight, the Eagles scored more points than in 40 minutes against Maine.  Think about that.

NJIT can't score points, can't hold onto the ball, and didn't run the same defense that killed BC on Saturday.  Works for me.

BC took their fair share of threes, but nowhere near the 28 that they did on Saturday.  Instead, they went inside and attacked the rim.  Again, works for me.

Brady Heslip rode the bench, leading Ted Sarandis (and me as well) to conclude that he will redshirt.  Yet again, works for me.

Now the fun starts with ACC play this weekend.

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