Monday, January 4, 2010

MBB Game 15: NJIT at Boston College

The merciful end to out-of-conference play is finally upon us.  Before I get into my evaluation of what is sure to be a thrilling matchup (sarcasm indicated), I want to once more show you how BC is doing so far this year.

Record against...
BCS conference teams: 4-0
Mid-major teams: 5-5

So there you have it: the Eagles have beaten the biggest programs on their schedule while also losing to some of the worst.  They are playing up or down to their level of competition.  Now then, you'd think that on the heels of a loss about as embarrassing as Harvard last year, that BC would be motivated for this one.  How many times have I said that already this year?

The Eagles' problems are well-documented, and NJIT just isn't very good.  So who has the edge here?  With all things being as they are, the obvious answer is BC, but would a loss truly surprise anyone at this point?  I thought Maine was about as sure of a win as there could possibly be on their schedule, and the Eagles managed to lose anyway.  We all know why: getting confounded by a 2-3 zone, sloppy and listless play, no penetration to the basket and heaving up 3-pointers five seconds into the shot clock.  BC beat that same team a year ago by 38.  If they're not embarrassed yet, then I'll be embarrassed for them.

Enter NJIT, BC's last OOC opponent of the season, who no doubt feel that if the Eagles play as lousy a game tomorrow as they did on Saturday, they have a chance.  The Highlanders don't score a lot of points, but it only took Maine 52 to win at Conte Forum.  Since joining Division I in 2006, however, they have never beaten a major-conference program. 

BC could very easily sleepwalk through this game, looking ahead to Clemson on the weekend.  They haven't shown us this year that they can do what many other big-conference teams do: beat the crap out of teams that are beneath them talent-wise; a 5-5 record against mid-majors is unacceptable.  To expect a BC loss here, however, would not be reasonable.  BC should win easily, but that does not mean they will.  I also want to say that I think they will raise their game when conference play comes around, but for one more game, we get to guess which BC team will show up, if one shows up.


  1. You neglected to mention just how bad NJIT is.

    NJIT ‘s Men’s basketball program set the record of the most winless team in D-I history in the 2008 season with a losing streak of 49 games, breaking Sacramento State University’s old D-I record. This acknowledgment has given NJIT’s athletic program national recognition. With new recruits and a new head coach, NJIT Men’s basketball ended a 51-game losing streak on January 21, 2009 with a 61-51 win over the Bryant University Bulldogs.

    NJIT also holds the worst blowout in college basketball history versus the University of Maryland[[1]]

    per wikipedia

  2. Those are some of the added details, but yes, they are quite terrible.

    Hopefully BC takes out its frustrations on this team but after what I saw on Saturday, I will be cautiously optimistic.