Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's be honest here

I'm going to just get right to it.

Let's be honest here...

...Boston College was not going to the Orange Bowl anyway, let alone winning it.

...Clemson is a more talented team than BC.  Had BC won, I figure Clemson would have also won, but now that they have nothing to play for, don't kick yourselves if UVA wins.  Either way, it wasn't happening.

...with 7 wins, and possibly 8 next week, BC still did more than most people expected this season anyway.

...Dave Shinskie looks like he's been out of football for 7 years, and he is not a long-term solution.

...this team was too inconsistent to be a division champion this year.

...the seniors deserved better than this today.

It is what it is.  The last 24 hours for BC sports have not been very good.

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