Friday, November 20, 2009

I take back what I said before

This is a WTF loss.  From the radio call, I got the distinct impression that St. Joe's outhustled BC, and that Al Skinner withheld Joe Trapani in the 2nd half for way too long.

This game won't quite be what the Harvard game was last year, but it's still a bad loss.  Further, BC won't get a chance (most likely) to boost their RPI by playing Purdue.  This Paradise Jam really could not have started any worse for the Eagles.

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  1. Part of the issue is that this is simply not a good defensive basketball team particularly on the perimeter. They struggle terribly to keep players in front of them and it showed tonight with Jones and Goven barreling to the rim after leaving Paris/Jackson/Roche/Raji in the dust at the 3 point line. This forced Trap and Southern into foul trouble and we all know what kind of depth BC has in the front court.