Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Football isn't the only big sport going on, you know

It seemed that in our focus on football, I've forgotten that the winter sports are starting to enter the picture.  Hell, the football team isn't even the only Eagles team playing Notre Dame in South Bend this weekend: the hockey team will take on the #10 Irish on Friday night in a rematch of the 2008 National Championship.  BC men's hockey began their season a few nights ago (with a loss to #11 Vermont) and, as a result, are at the bottom of the poll at 15th, but still ranked.

After the trip to Indiana, BC's Hockey East play will resume for about another month until they play Clarkson on Black Friday.  I admit, I don't follow the hockey team as closely as some others do, but I would like to see them bounce back from last season (18-14-5, and obviously no NCAA Tournament).  After one game, all you can really say is "wait and see."

When basketball starts in about a month, then things will really get going.  I could watch college basketball every day from November to March/April.


  1. I was wondering if you accepted paid advertising on soaringtoglory.blogspot.com. If so please mail: angel{at}hstreetmedia.com

  2. agreed, can't wait to watch college hoops! let's go eagles!

    i got my reggie jackson photo on my fridge getting me fired up. it's the one of him dunking against nc state last year, i was at that game, such an ill play

    yeahhhhhh lets get amped

  3. I was at that game too! My ex-BC roommate and I snuck down into the student section...good times.