Monday, October 19, 2009

BC at Notre Dame: Opening Line

I must admit I'm a little surprised, but Notre Dame are 10-point favorites over the Boston College Eagles.

Have the Eagles played well on the road recently?  No, absolutely not.  Have Notre Dame played well at home?  Well enough to win I suppose.  The only home game they won by more than a touchdown was Nevada (a 3-3 WAC team) in Week 1.  They've been involved in five close games in a row, and given the nature of this rivalry (and how BC has beaten them six straight), I don't see how it's going to change this week (even with BC having gotten nuked on the road twice this year).  ND should be considered the favorite, but that spread's a little big.


  1. It's down to ND -8 now. Two points in two days is a good amount.

    I think ND should be favored, and given our road woes, I think 7.5-8.5 is probably about right.

  2. Nice to see that it came down a bit. I'd put it at -7 or -7.5 myself.