Monday, April 13, 2009

Yankees Game 6 Postmortem

Sometimes your whole team just looks like crap, and sometimes your bullpen just chokes the game away. The latter is what the Yankees experienced in Kansas City as the Royals avoided the sweep, putting the Bombers at 3-3 going to St. Pete. Phil Coke wasn't really due for a stinker, as he wasn't particularly good in his first outing, but he delivered one anyway as he came into the game in the 8th and promptly surrendered the runs which put the Royals ahead for good.

Meanwhile, Joba went 6 innings and allowed just one earned run. Clearly he's not cut out to be a starting pitcher (dripping with sarcasm).

Not a big deal, as the season is 6 games old and the Yanks won the series. This next one will be a test, however.

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