Monday, April 13, 2009

MLB Notes

* The Red Sox are in last place for the moment and Tampa's right behind them. I'm not going to be dancing on any graves like they'd be if it were the Yankees because it's April 13th and frankly it's not a big deal, but it is interesting how the AL East is nearly flipped over from last year in the early going. Like the guys with the .700 batting averages, it's just not going to last.

* The Tribe win! The Nats don't. You can't draw any conclusions from the first week of the season, but I don't think I'm going on much of a limb by saying that Washington ain't exactly contending for the pennant in 2009. Next up for the Nats: the defending champion Phillies, Florida and their solid rotation again, and Atlanta again. Good luck with that.

* The best team in the AL right now is...Seattle!? See the last line in bullet point 1.

* The Astros still look like they're in spring training mode: the Grapefruit League's worst team is also now the NL Central's worst. Only 16 runs in 6 games for Houston...ouch.

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