Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MLB Notes

* See, told you the Yankee game was getting rained out. The Phils game got rained out too and the Nats had quite a rain delay; just a crappy day in the northeast. But the Boston Marathon got in without a problem at least.

* OK, now the Red Sox have swept the O's, and in an impressive four games. Baltimore is back under .500, perhaps to stay. The Sox shouldn't be worrying right now, though David Ortiz still has no home runs. Ortiz got two extra base hits on Patriots' Day, which raised the ol' OPS a bit, and yet he hasn't parked one in the stands in 51 at-bats this season.

* I guess Manny Acta's perturbed speech to the media about his bullpen paid off; the Nats won a one-run game against the Braves.

* Florida got cooled down via an 8-run loss & shutout...from the Pirates? Ex-Yankee Ross Ohlendorf sat the Fish on their asses (fins?)

* The Astros aren't very good at this hitting thing, but to be fair, the San Francisco Giants look (almost) just as bad. Meanwhile, Cincinnati's off to a nice start.

* Arizona has looked pretty bad this month, and Colorado is right with them. The teams at the bottom of the NL West are already starting to fall a good distance behind the Dodgers.

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