Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boston College in the 2009 NFL Draft: Pre-game Show

On Saturday I will maintain a list of all of the Boston College football players who have entered into this year's draft and will follow their progress. Stay tuned.

In any case, we have 9 Eagles looking to take up draft picks. A few will, most won't. These are my evaluations:

Definitely Getting Drafted
BJ Raji (DT)
Ron Brace (DT)

Raji is a first round pick for certain, perhaps even a Top 10 pick. Brace is pretty damn good himself, and most mock drafts have him going in the 2nd or 3rd round (some even in the 1st round, which might be a bit optimistic). It's safe to say that both of these guys will have NFL franchises to call home by Sunday.

Possibly Getting Drafted
Robert Francois (LB)
Ryan Purvis (TE)
Brian Toal (LB)

These three guys have appeared in their share of online mock drafts and have performed well at the college level. They're late-round type guys so they'll be waiting on Sunday for the call, not Saturday, should they get one. At the end of the whole thing, I think at least one of these three guys gets picked.

Probably Not Getting Drafted
Kevin Akins (S)
Chris Crane (QB)
Eric Ramsey (G)
Jerry Willette (DT)

But hey, that's just my opinion. I'd love it if they all got into the pros but that's not particularly attainable.

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