Monday, November 8, 2010

Good and bad: This past weekend

This weekend, we saw our share of good things out of Boston College Eagles sports, but of course, these good things were not without their negative accompaniment. Here’s the best and worst of the weekend that was:


1.) BC football wins at Wake Forest, 23-13. The Eagles did what they had to do against the pathetic Demon Deacons to extricate themselves from the ACC Atlantic basement, winning by 10 down in Winston-Salem. BC’s defense was again solid, Montel Harris is as good as ever, and we have a player in Chase Rettig. This season won’t come close to being what it could have been, but at least we know what we’ve got for the future.

2.) BC wins their Saturday basketball exhibition. 85-58. Sure, the opponent was the University of Philadelphia, certainly not a D-1 team, but we saw the new BC offense under Steve Donahue in action. The Eagles were flying high and bombing away from 3-point land, making 15 triples. Not everything in the game was a positive, and the team will lack depth this season, but most everything was looking good. They will be able to ride some confidence into the marshmallow-soft early part of their schedule before heading down to Orlando for the Old Spice Classic.


1.) BC hockey loses to New Hampshire, 2-1. I’d have been at this game if I wasn’t sidelined by illness – and in retrospect, maybe I lucked out. This just was not a great night for BC, getting held to one goal and continuing their stretch of so-so play. The thing is, BC has made a habit out of playing meh hockey for the first few months and then exploding at the right time. I’m not worried, nor should you be.

2.) BC football still playing the same way. Sigh. It’s just not going to get better with Spaz and Tranq at the wheel. The playcalling is so completely obvious that it’s maddening, and taking knees when you could be trying to score points is just as annoying. This is a Wake Forest football team that could give up 40 to most teams before you could say “fire the DC,” and BC managed 23 in a 10-point win while being +3 in turnovers. Thank God the defense is worthwhile, because without it, BC would still be sitting on two wins.

As I’m still recovering from a nasty little illness, this should be a light week of blogging. Expect some photos from our new contributor, Evan Turner, and articles on the upcoming football, basketball, and hockey games. Of course, it takes far less effort to use Twitter, so be sure to follow me there, as that's where I am a good bit of the time while blogging.

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