Saturday, October 9, 2010

NC State 44, BC 17 – Postgame post-mortem

*Another putrid abomination of a football game from Boston College, only today, they lost to the much-despised in Boston Tom O’Brien. What more can we say that hasn’t already been said about them? They clearly aren’t any good, which is most disappointing considering how manageable their schedule is. I’m sorry to say it, but this team is an absolute joke.

*On that, BC is now 0-2 in the conference with two potential smackdowns against Clemson and FSU coming. That’d be 4 losses in the ACC. BC’s chances of winning the ACC Atlantic are pretty much over (if they weren’t already). Furthermore, I think their chances of making a bowl game have sharply reduced (not that they’d win it anyway).

*The offensive line continues to look absolutely terrible. They went from one of the best around to one of the worst in one stinking year with a lot of the same guys. Not that Dave Shinskie was any good (because he was as terrible as usual), but they made him look worse than he was. He was getting beaten up on nearly every play.

*Gary Tranquill should be left at the airport. We came into this game with the ACC’s worst offense, and it’ll probably still be that tomorrow. Someone has to take the fall, right?

*Get well soon, Chase Rettig.

*NC State’s offense is capable of moving the ball, and though the defense did what they could (but honestly weren't impressive today), with our offense, there was just no way BC was going to keep up.

*Not-so-fun fact: In BC’s three non-cupcake games, they have averaged 10 points per game and lost by an average margin of 21.3 points. So basically, BC isn’t just losing every week, they’re getting blown out every week. Sweet. Did I mention they go to Tallahassee next weekend?

*BC hockey tonight. That ought to wash the foul taste of this wretched game out of your mouth.

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