Thursday, July 8, 2010

New ACC TV deal: cha-ching

As you doubtlessly already know, commish John Swofford brought home the proverbial bacon to the ACC, striking a 12-year TV deal with ESPN.  Some highlights of the deal include more broadcasts of non-revenue sports, like baseball and soccer, all basketball games carried on ESPN (whether through TV or ESPN3), but most of all, lots more money for its members.

It is being reported that ACC schools stand to make about $12 million each, more than double the $5.6 million they make now.  I suspect ACC fans will be pleased with the news, as their athletic departments will be cashing in and many more ACC games will be broadcast in a variety of different sports.


  1. The league office also has to "get paid," so I heard the $155 million is actually split 13 ways with the ACC getting a 1/13 cut.

    That puts the payout at a little over $11.9 mil a year. Not $12.9 mil, for what it's worth.

  2. Article edited for accuracy. Still, a lot more dough for BC to play with.

  3. Agreed. Certainly not complaining.