Monday, April 12, 2010

A key week for BC baseball

After starting the season at 7-12 (1-5), Boston College Eagles baseball has somewhat rehabilitated their record and now sit at 15-16 (6-9), having won 8 of their last 12 games and 5 of 9 in conference.  This week might very well tell us where BC will go from here on out.

This is their upcoming schedule from now through the weekend:
-Tuesday, 4/13: vs. UMass (4-17, 1-15 away)
-Wednesday, 4/14: Beanpot vs. Harvard (10-17, 3-3 neutral)
-Friday-Sunday 4/16-18: vs. Wake Forest (10-24, 1-12 away, 2-13 ACC)

In short, BC is playing three godawful teams this week, and four of those games will be at home.  UMass and Wake Forest are a combined 2-27 on the road this season.  The Eagles have also started to get hot over these last few weeks, so this week is one of those where BC must do significant damage.

If you ask me, BC has to win at least four out of five.  That is the absolute minimum of what is acceptable here, considering their opposition.  3 out of 5 would be a disappointment and anything worse than that will be a clear indication to me that BC baseball will not turn things around this season.  A sweep of the week would put them at 20-16 (9-9), which would not get them where they were overall at this point last year, but it would move them a lot closer to where they want to be. 

The 2009 Eagles were 23-13 through 36 games, but were just 10-8 through 18 ACC games.  Moving to 9-9 in the conference wouldn't get them to their 2009 levels there, either, but they would be well within range and positioned to make some sort of a run.

A good week, or a bad week for that matter, will set the tone for BC baseball.  They have a golden opportunity to win 4 or 5 games against teams they should beat and kick some life back into their season before it's too late. 

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