Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Steve Donahue Day!

Today at 4pm Eastern, our new head basketball coach will be introduced to the media and you the fans of Boston College.

For starters, the Boston Herald's latest article on today's activity prominently features Reggie Jackson, the player I think most of us would be disappointed to see leave.  Read some of these Jackson quotes, however:

I just can’t help but smile and wait and see what happens with this group and what [Donahue] plans to do in the future with us.

We all like to go and run - wish we could have done it more - but that’s what we seek to do...

I feel like I’ll fit way better in coach Donahue’s system, but only because of what coach Skinner’s system has done for me. It taught (me) to be more of a true point guard. I learned a lot of great things under him for two years.

Now tell me, does this sound like a kid who's going to transfer?  I didn't think so.

Well then, moving on: if there is a video link to the press conference this afternoon, I will provide it via Twitter, so check for that as the time comes.  I will probably also be providing my instant reactions to Donahue's presser via Twitter so look for those as well.

Afterwards, at 5pm in the Dustbowl (what they for some reason call the "Campus Green" despite the fact that nobody calls it that), Coach Donahue will be holding what is essentially a BC basketball pep rally.  You can meet the coach and maybe win some prizes.  Go out there and support this team.  As one of my Twitter followers told me on Tuesday, Donahue is generating more excitement with this rally right now than the previous coach ever did in his tenure (mainly because he didn't bother).  Just as I was begging him in my open letter yesterday, this guy wants to energize the fanbase, and you have to give him something to work with, so if you can get down there, do it.  If you can't, you can view the festivities from overhead thanks to the BC website.

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