Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coach Donahue: What's not to like?

At a little after 4pm this afternoon, Boston College athletic director Gene DeFilippo (awkwardly) introduced Steve Donahue as the new men's basketball coach.  The man hit the ground running immediately by saying everything we wanted to hear.  To recap:

-"We will take a back seat to no one"
-When GDF asked what to expect, Donahue showed him a magazine photo which showed Cornell players fighting on the floor for the basketball, signifying the kind of aggressive play he will bring here
-When it comes to winning national titles at BC, Donahue says there's "no reason why not"
-He answered the recruiting questions well, telling us how he has recruited in all areas of the nation and has a long list of contacts at top high school programs
-He wants this offense to attack the basket and take scoring chances before the defense has a chance to set, and average upwards of 75 to 80 points
-He got praise from some top coaches in the country; amongst them were Bruce Pearl, John Calipari, Billy Donovan, and Bill Self

Afterwards, he was met by a decent-sized crowd in the Dustbowl as he started the long process of getting the fans back on board.

His coaching staff looks pretty good, too.  Joe Jones, the man who will likely be his top assistant, was a strong recruiter at Villanova under Steve Lappas and Jay Wright.  John Gallagher was a top recruiter back in the day at Lafayette and I don't know much about Nat Graham, but he looks pretty damn young.

Donahue comes to Boston College with the mentality that we can win and we can accomplish great things.  He is not one of the "we are what we are" kind of people; Donahue will work his ass off to make this program as good as it can be.  He's not going to settle for less.  The future is very bright at the heights.

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