Monday, March 15, 2010

The week ahead (Week of 3/15, the Ides of March)

Men's hockey
This is clearly where our focus must turn now.  Our men's hockey team have reached the Hockey East Tournament semifinals and have a pretty favorable draw in Vermont and then either Maine or BU.  BC has beaten all of these teams at one point or another this season, and with 1-seed New Hampshire out of the way, the Eagles are now the likely favorites to hoist the trophy.

We don't know what their new ranking yet is (it's coming out later; check my Twitter feed for updates), but it's definitely not going down.  The semifinal game against Vermont will be on Friday at 5pm.  The finals, should the Eagles be fortunate to reach them, would be the very next night at 7pm.  All games will be televised on NESN, which will not be blacked out on DirecTV anywhere in the country if you have the Sports Pack (besides, I've never seen them black out a college hockey game ever, and I've had the dish for 8 years now).

More of this to come during the week and as we get close to the NCAA Hockey Tournament.  I've also accepted an offer to fill in for our good friend Brian at BC Interruption to talk BC hockey while he's having fun in the sun, so more to follow on that as well.

Men's baseball
Oh boy, this could be a long season.  The Eagles predictably lost 2 out of 3 to #13 Miami this weekend, falling to 6-8 (1-2).  About the only pitching we can rave about is that of Pat Dean, who retained his career ownership of Miami by holding them to all of zero runs through eight innings on Friday.  The other two games unraveled quickly.

The Eagles will play four games this calendar week: Tuesday at UConn, Wednesday at Bryant, and Friday and Saturday at Virginia.  The Saturday game will be covered on regional sports networks somewhere so check local listings. 

Other sports
Men's basketball is going to no postseason tournaments, which is a relief, because I don't think I could take another half of them this year.  Tennis, lacrosse, golf, track, and rowing are all in-season now.  Softball started 5-2 but have fallen apart and now sit at 7-10 (six losses in a row).

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