Sunday, March 7, 2010

BC's ACC Tournament draw

You may click on the image to see it with a better zoom factor if you so desire.

We all know this team has had its ups and downs.  Alright, mostly downs.  But they have one last shot to make me eat all the bad things I've said about them this year, and it begins on Thursday.

The Eagles will begin at high noon on Thursday against 9-seed Virginia.  That is a game that they should win and if they don't, this team sucks more than I thought.  Despite their horrible bed-soiling against NC State, they should be able to muster up the balls to win this one against a team, sans its best player, whom they whooped last week.

Friday is where it gets real.  If BC wins on Thursday, they must play 1-seed Duke at the same time on Friday.  It's quite possible that Duke will beat Boston College three times in a row this season, but the Eagles have played three decent or somewhat decent halves against them.  After today, however, I will drop my expectations of a BC quarterfinal victory from 30% to 25%. 

After that, then you see who BC would face if they mercifully got that far.  The semifinal draw would not be so terrible provided Wake Forest isn't the team that makes it.  The final is so far off and frankly such a longshot that it's not even worth discussing, seeing also as how there are six possible opponents and it's impossible to figure at this point.

If Maryland had won the ACC's 1-seed, BC's task in the quarterfinals would be no easier, if you want to look back on that delightful game the Eagles played at Conte Forum two months ago.  If they're going to go anywhere, they're going to have to whack some top teams.  I don't think we're going to see that happen all the way to Sunday, but I'm still going to watch.

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