Saturday, February 27, 2010

Forget everything I said

BC is now assured no better than the 8 seed in the ACC Tournament as they lost to Georgia Tech on the road, 73-68. This game had a lot of similarities to the Wake Forest game from a few weeks ago, except Tyler Roche didn't go crazy. It was a disappointing but not unexpected loss.

Sloppiness was in high supply today from Boston College. 21 turnovers is a hell of a lot, as if you didn't know. Further, GT is just a big team, and they were blocking shots (10) whereas BC (1) was not. It felt like BC was never really in it.

Trapani was by far BC's best player today, with 26 points (6 triples) and 6 rebounds. The Eagles got little production from the bench (14 points) and even less from Rakim Sanders (0). Surprisingly, BC made 11 three-pointers but only shot a pedestrian 64% from the free-throw line.

The final score was a little closer than I expected (I expected a GT win by around 8 or 9) but the feel of the game wasn't.  It was Georgia Tech's to lose from the start.

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