Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Propel them to what?

I understand that there is a little optimism after BC's 17-point comeback last night against the only team in the ACC that they can beat, and I hate to do this, but we do still need a little perspective here.  We all hope that this win, where BC showed more testicular fortitude than all of their other games combined, will propel them forward.  But propel them to what, exactly?

Well, probably not much in the short term, unless they plan on winning the ACC Tournament.  This team still has eight losses, and some of them against bad teams.  They also have at least twelve games to go (including the first-round ACC Tournament game), which means a lot more potential losses.  BC nuked its margin of error a while ago, so if you're thinking of saving this season, last night probably doesn't change anything.

Now, if you want to talk about the future, okay.  Let's say BC plays better for the rest of the year, despite not making a postseason tournament.  Can they take this new-found confidence into next season?  Maybe.  I have already concluded that this year will be a waste, but what bothered me even more is that the program looked like it was going to take a dip for a few seasons after as a result.  Perhaps if BC finishes stronger than expected, things will look up for the seasons to follow with this bunch of players.

Of course, there is still no guarantee that BC will finish strong.  We know they're capable of playing tough and hanging in there, but it needs to be done with so much more consistency.  The next few games will tell us if BC has finally sacked up or if their comeback in Miami was just a fluke.

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