Monday, January 25, 2010

MBB Game 21: Clemson at Boston College

It has been a January to forget on the heights, and it will possibly become even less memorable when the now-unranked Clemson Tigers come up for a visit. 

BC's most recent game was a crushing, last-minute loss at Virginia Tech, in a game they almost certainly should have won (wouldn't you think a team with a 3-point lead with less than 25 seconds to go should win?).  Clemson, for their part, lost at home to Duke this weekend.  In fact, the Tigers only scored 47 points, but then again, Clemson tends to lose those games (2-24 in last 26 against the Dookies). 

Clemson is 3-3 and lost their #16 ranking in the AP poll, while BC is 2-4 (11-9 overall) and circling the bowl, despite having played a little better as of late.  There is no outcome of this game that would surprise me, so I'm not going to even venture a guess.  Who even knows anymore what we're going to get, but this is a meaningful game to Clemson, since it would bump them up over .500.  A BC win would pull both teams even at 3-4 and continue to muddle the ACC picture.  If BC can't go anywhere this year, I'd at least like to see them play spoiler in this manner.

Demontez Stitt will be out for Clemson, and I'm sure that will make somewhat of a difference, but you never know.  One of BC's big problems in their last game was the fact that they missed (roughly) 7.8 billion easy layups; they would have been competitive, if not victorious, if they made them.  Factor in their poor defense, poor shooting in other areas (such as the three), and overall lack of hustle and you get a 16-point road loss.

The game will be on ESPN2 tomorrow night.  Maybe they'll actually win this one.

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