Saturday, December 12, 2009

MBB Game 10: Rhode Island at Boston College

I'm sure the rest of you, like last year, are desperate to get the foul taste of another Harvard defeat out of your proverbial mouths.  Unfortunately, things aren't likely to get any easier as a 7-1 Rhode Island team is coming into town.  The issue with that, however, is that they only have one quality win amongst the seven, being the same Providence team that BC dismissed recently.

Rhode Island's schedule has been fairly light, and this will probably be their toughest game yet (which, given the way BC has been up and down, isn't saying a whole hell of a lot).  Rhody has lost 37 of the 48 games they've played against BC all-time, and after another disastrous performance on Wednesday, the Eagles will need to make it 38 out of 49 to get themselves back on track.

If BC wins: 7-3 (1-0); it sure beats losing
If BC loses: 6-4 (1-0); back-to-back losses and some will push the panic button

Rhody's leading scorer is senior guard Keith Cothran (17.0), who played 18 minutes and scored two points against BC at their last meeting in 2007.  The Eagles are led by Corey Raji with 15.6, but it is expected that Rakim Sanders will be coming back for this game.  We all know what he potentially brings to the table, but it will be good to (hopefully) see a full-strength Eagles team for a complete game for the first time this year.  The team we see tomorrow is the team we will go to battle with for the rest of the year, so tomorrow night on FSN is where it all begins.

Last year's Harvard loss started a four-game losing streak, but the difference this time is that BC doesn't have to dive into ACC play.  The losing streak has to start and stop at one game, and Rhode Island is a beatable team.

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