Thursday, December 10, 2009

BC basketball breakdown: the first 9

Since today is another one of those lazy days where not much is happening in Boston College athletics, other than Mark Herzlich appearing on ESPN tonight, I decided that after last night's bed-soiling against Harvard, I needed to break down the wins and losses.   This is so that we can get a realistic evaluation of where this team is right now through their first month.

Decent wins that may look the same or better as the season goes on (3)
at Michigan
at Providence
vs. Miami

Wins that don't mean anything, and won't (3)
vs. Dartmouth
vs. St. Francis (NY)
South Dakota State

Losses that are barely defensible (1)
Northern Iowa

Bad losses that have a minimal chance of not looking so bad (2)
St. Joseph's
vs. Harvard

The first three wins are clearly the best that BC has accumulated so far; at least two of those teams will contend for the NCAA Tournament this year.  The second batch of wins is utterly meaningless and would have only mattered if BC lost.

Now for the losses: Northern Iowa was a tournament team last year, so while the loss seems bad, it wasn't a particularly stunning defeat.  St. Joe's looks like they will be a bad team this year, so that may actually end up being the worst loss of the three so far.  It is worth noting, however, that it has been a number of years since they've had a losing record, so there is a slight chance they won't sink all the way to the bottom.  Harvard, despite being abominable for the last few eons, actually looks like the Ivy League's best team so far this season.  That, of course, isn't saying much, but the better the season they have, the less terrible the loss looks on the resume.  Of course, nothing will erase the stench of any losses from a team's resume, but the only way to compensate is to rack up more quality wins.

As it stands now, based on the track record this team has compiled so far, I would rate their season to date as being slightly above average.  6-3 isn't particularly good or great, but it's not bad, either.  It's not where I hoped to be at this point, but the season is far from lost.  If they lose some of the later cupcake games, however (like NJIT), then the crap is really going to start piling up.  You can't win a national or conference title in December, but you can lose one.  It is important for BC to stop the nonsense now and put a solid ending on their OOC schedule.

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