Friday, November 13, 2009

Twice the picks: BC at Virginia and Dartmouth at BC

I'll start with the basketball game tonight, Dartmouth at Boston College, because I have the least to say about it.  This is, as you well know, the season opener for the men's basketball team, and one of the cupcake OOC games.  I promise this basketball picks segment will get more interesting over the course of the season.

If BC wins: um, hooray?
If BC loses: an even earlier WTF loss than UVM a few years ago

BC are 24.5-point favorites in this one.  God help them if they don't win this one by at least 20.  I don't think it'll be a problem; BC wins easily.

And now for the football game, Boston College at Virginia.  If you've heard my podcast over on BCDraft, you already know what my keys to the game are.  This is all pretty straight-forward: Virginia is not a good team at all, and Boston College is playing to stay alive in the ACC Atlantic.  Boston College is the superior team.

If BC wins: they give themselves at least a fighting chance to stay in the ACC Atlantic hunt by winning their first ever game at Virginia
If BC loses: it'll be four road losses in a row this year, and their fate will be essentially sealed

As I've said, Virginia is not good.  BC is good.  Unfortunately I'm going to miss this game due to prior commitments, which means I'll likely miss their first road win of the year.  BC wins relatively comfortably.

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