Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Paradise Jam: College basketball in the Caribbean

Starting tomorrow, the Boston College Eagles will be participating in the 2009 Paradise Jam down in St. Thomas.  The tournament is being held at the University of the Virgin Islands and hosts some pretty good teams in its field, most notably #7 Purdue and #10 Tennessee.  With any luck, the Eagles will get to face one or both.

BC, the 2003 champions of this tournament, enters the field with a 2-0 overall record and will start against St. Joe's tomorrow night.  The bracket can be viewed here, and if it looks a little strange, it is.  The teams that win or lose still play on, but obviously you'll want to be moving to the right on that sheet.

A final piece of important information in viewing these BC games: yes, you can see them all.  In addition to the semifinals, championship, and 3rd place game being televised, this is directly from the Paradise Jam website: Games that are not televised will be streamed live by Fox College Sports. They can be viewed at  Many of the Fox Sports affiliates will also carry the final three games, so you DirecTV sports pack people can view them that way as well.

Late edit: It has come to my attention that Fox Sports will be charging its viewers for the untelevised games.  Screw that.

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  1. i got this link emailed to me by eagleinsider, not sure if you have to pay for it or not