Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 6 in the ACC: Recap

#5 Virginia Tech defeats Boston College, 48-14

To make a long story very short, Virginia Tech made BC look like a low-level FCS opponent in Blacksburg on Saturday.  There's no shame in losing to a Top 5 team, but the way in which BC lost was inexcusable from an Eagle standpoint.  The game was over very early and everyone gets a piece of the blame for the loss.  The Hokies kept rolling while the Eagle momentum completely halted.  BC's shockingly bad road performance in Clemson was apparently not a fluke, as they've played two games away from Alumni Stadium and got decimated in both.

North Carolina defeats Georgia Southern, 42-12

The Tar Heels did exactly what they needed to do in scoring a largely effort-free win over Georgia Southern.  They scored all 42 points before the half and then took their foot off the gas.  Fortunately for them, their opposition was essentially incapable of scoring (and holding onto the ball) and North Carolina has another win to put on their resume.

Virginia beats Indiana, 47-7

This result has me absolutely shocked.  This is an Indiana team that very recently took Michigan down to the wire in the Big House and played a better game than this against Ohio State.  Virginia might not be the worst team in the conference anymore and this loss for the Hoosiers doesn't say many good things to me at all about the Big Ten.

Duke beats North Carolina State, 49-28

This was a textbook Tom O'Brien "WTF loss."  The Wolfpack played a game against an opponent perceived as inferior and completely mailed it in.  I must give credit to Duke, who played well against Virginia Tech last week and now have taken NC State to the woodshed.  This game brings back so many football memories of my early BC days; not many of them good.

Wake Forest defeats Maryland, 42-32

The Terps are probably at the bottom of the ACC pile again, following their Clemson win with a road loss at Wake.  Maryland needed a flurry of late scoring to make this one close, and Riley Skinner threw four touchdown passes.  There were no surprises in this game that I can come up with.

#11 Miami defeats Florida A&M, 48-16

At long last, Miami gets to play a ho-hum game and cash in an easy "W."  The Hurricanes led 31-3 at halftime and racked up 470 offensive yards in the rout.  On a general note which is related to this game, the ACC swept their three out-of-conference games today with ease; all three teams won by at least thirty points.

#22 Georgia Tech defeats Florida State, 49-44

I'm not surprised that FSU lost a close one: I'm surprised that the defenses forgot that there was a game.  Both teams combined for 1,071 yards of total offense, thirteen touchdowns, and 93 points.  Christian Ponder threw 5 touchdown passes with no interceptions and still lost the game because the Yellow Jackets rushed for six of them.  The Florida State football program is officially in disarray.

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