Saturday, October 10, 2009

BC at Virginia Tech: Quick, unedited reactions

-I didn't think I would see another game as bad as the Clemson game for a long time, let alone in the same season.  This game was a complete failure for Boston College: offense, defense, special teams; players and coaches -- everyone who took part in this disaster gets a piece today.  That they scored a few garbage-time touchdowns is of no comfort to me, at all.

-So far the season can be nicely separated into three categories: 2 beatdowns of low-level schools, 2 survivals against decent teams at home, and 2 of the worst games BC has played in ages.

-Chew on this one a little bit: In their two road games this season, BC is 0-2 and have been outscored 73-21.  This includes a little over 210 yards of offense combined.

-Virginia Tech is a much better team than BC, and we knew that going in.  The Eagles were completely dominated, but how badly they were dominated was distressing.  This wasn't even a game today, and BC got badly outclassed.  I figured they could at least be competitive, but that was not the case.

-Because of the mess called the ACC Atlantic, the Eagles could still win the division; however, how could anyone be confident, especially on the road, after what they saw today?  I have no choice but to give them an F for this performance.

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