Saturday, October 17, 2009

NC State at BC: Quick, unedited reactions

*I guess the rumors were true; Spaz must have wanted this game badly.  BC obliterated TOB almost as badly as VT obliterated them last weekend.  There's quite a lot to be pleased with today, which is a refreshing change from what I saw last Saturday.

*Congratulations to Montel Harris for setting a team record in rushing touchdowns (5) and rushing yards (264) for a single game.

*The Eagles carved NC State's defense to pieces, just like Duke did seven days ago.  In their last two games, the Wolfpack have allowed 101 points and a shitload of yards.

*I know I've been hard on the coaching staff, but the one they faced (as if we didn't know) is worse.  Spaz and crew did well today.

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