Friday, October 23, 2009

BC at Notre Dame: Pick

I'm 6-1 so far this season picking BC games, so I'd like to think this is the one team I have down.  This weekend, the Eagles go to South Bend to play Notre Dame in their (usually) annual contest.  BC has won six of these games in a row but they will have a tough time getting #7.

Boston College has gotten destroyed on the road to the tune of 73-21 in two games.  In their last road contest, Virginia Tech and Frank Beamer ran up the score, embarrassing the Eagles.  Before that, Clemson held BC to only 54 yards of total offense.  With road performances like that, you'd wonder if BC will come within three touchdowns of the Irish.

That is a legitimate concern.  The Eagles have not come close to looking good in either road game this year.  I have a feeling, however, that this could be different.  The Notre Dame game is a meaningful game in terms of bragging rights alone, but playing well in South Bend on NBC will go a long way to getting back some respect for the program, and perhaps they're just tired of getting smashed outside of Alumni.  Furthermore, Notre Dame has essentially not beaten anyone this year by more than 7 points.  They wiped out Nevada by 35 in Week 1, and that's it.  Every game they've played since has been decided by a touchdown or less either way, and most of those games were at home.

I guess you have to ask yourself, how good are the Irish?  Evidently not that good, seeing as how they're not ranked anymore.  They're not bad, though.  As for the Eagles, they have already put us through quite a rollercoaster ride, but they're 5-2 and a win away from bowl eligibility.  The Eagles could get spanked on the road for the third straight time this year, but Notre Dame could struggle to put BC away with their poor defense (105th in YPG in FBS).  Both teams have question marks.  This is likely to be a stressful game for Dave Shinskie, and I can only hope that Jimmy Clausen eats turf on more than one occasion.

Unfortunately, I am likely to miss this game, and even if I don't, I won't be around to react to it until Sunday (family trips and all that).  What I can say, however, is that 31-30 stands out to me for some reason.  I will assume that means BC will win, and I will not question this premonition.*

Late edit: I have just learned that ATL had the exact same pick and score; I assure you I didn't get it from him.  Perhaps we were visited by the same spirit.

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