Friday, May 1, 2009

MLB Notes - May 1, 2009

For now, I will fuse my individual game reports into my nightly "MLB Notes" section. This will be easier for everyone.

* The Yankees did to the Angels tonight what the Angels usually love to do to the Yankees: rip out their innards and jump on them. A 9-4 Angel lead was evaporated in the 8th and 9th inning which gives the Yankees their first 4-game win streak of the year. The Yanks are still 68-81 against the LAAoA, including the playoffs, since 1995.

* Andy Sonnanstine looked far from good, but you don't always have to look good to win. Tampa Bay got to Justin Masterson in the 5th as the Rays beat the Red Sox 6-2. Boston has now lost 3 out of 4 after winning 11 straight.

* Life is good for the Twins: they're very much in the AL Central hunt, and Joe Mauer is back. He made up for some lost time by knocking 2 hits and scoring 3 runs in a win against the Royals.

* Cincinnati's starting rotation strikes again. Bronson Arroyo went 8 shutout innings to beat the Pirates, and it's their 4th shutout win of the year (and their 2nd against Pittsburgh).

* The Cardinals are rocking at baseball right now. 17-7 after beating the Nationals today, which if you didn't notice, is the best record in baseball. Albert is now up to 29 RBI.

* The Marlins let one get away against the Cubs. Rich Harden did not pitch well but thanks to Ryan Theriot, he didn't even take the loss. The rest of the pack in the NL East (sans Nats) are starting to pull in a little closer to each other.

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