Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best wishes to Mark Herzlich

Sometimes life plays a cruel game with us. In the case of Mark Herzlich, arguably one of BC football's best players, he now has to deal with his cancer diagnosis. I have to tell you, I found out about this news while going about my business today and it really got me down.

A little more information on this particular type of cancer, Ewing's sarcoma, can be found online if anyone is interested. According to Wikipedia -- I know, not exactly the most reliable source -- this disease is found most often in male teenagers (and though not a teen, he's not far removed either). His chances of getting through this with the proper treatment appear to be good so let us all hope and pray that this is the case.

Concerns about the future of the BC football program are totally secondary right now. The main care we should all have is in hoping for a speedy return to good health. Once he has beaten this terrible disease, and he will, then will be the time to worry about all other matters.

I ask all BC Eagles to wish Mark Herzlich the best in his treatment. Mark is a big guy with a lot of heart; if anyone can get through this, it's him.

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