Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yankees Game 22 Wrap-up and April in Review

They're up! They're down! They look good! They're getting murdered! A typical pinstriped April. Except this one was actually slightly more tilted to the "they're good" side as they beat the Angels 7-4 and finish their first month of the 2009 season at 12-10. It was their first winning April since 2006, when they were 13-10. They will close out the month 2 games out of first place, which is also their best end-April standings situation since 2006 when they were tied for first.

As for tonight, it had all the makings of a "we're the Angels, you're the Yankees, and we're going to beat you no matter what you do" kind of game. The Angels led, the Yankees came back, then the Angels took it away again, but the 8th inning rally was good enough to put the Yankees over the hump. Mariano Rivera got the save and Mo is now but 13 saves away from 500.

Mark Teixeira had a bad April, even for him. Tex is hugging the Mendoza line as we turn the page into May, and as we know, he typically is a slow starter. His career average for the month, however, is in the .250s. Might have been higher after this month was factored in. I doubt Robbie Cano wants to see April go, though. He's smoking with his .366 average.

Finally, I think Ramiro Pena, everyone's favorite baby-faced fill-in third baseman, has earned himself the backup IF spot when A-Rod comes back. I'm beginning to like this fellow.

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